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YouTube must be going for a record for the losgnet time a popular website has ignored its users' complaints about a confusing web interface. When YouTube rejects comments posted, it doesn't tell you they were rejected let alone why they were rejected. To add insult to injury once the comments are rejected the user can no longer select and copy their text in order to try to correct the reason it was rejected Granted you'd just be guessing, though some guesses may pan out like removing weblinks. Maybe it would be interesting to know how much time YouTube has wasted of its users by putting them through the frustrating experience of typing comments and then losing them once rejected and then trying to figure out why they were excluded. Then again how many users have posted comments and never realized they were rejected. Please thank YouTube for potentially throwing away millions of comments with no feedback on what went wrong!

Posted by'Yuuko' on Saturday, 12.28.13 @ 10:38am

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