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Nylon Butterfly
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..Red? ..Too LOUD!!! Looks cheap, annoying. I see in your eanixlnipg saying we have improved this and that, and also this, but I really don't see any real benefit, the only good thing I see here is the BIG ADVERTISEMENT that's a 100% real improvement. Now YouTube looks cheap and annoying. The Only reason why the iPhone is so hot is because its looks, forget about improvements concetrate in looks, looks it what drives the masses, no matter how improved it is as longs it has no look, FORGET ABOUT IT!Let me explain it. The other day I went to buy a Laptop, and the HP looks so beautiful with iPod technology, speakers etc. BEAUTIFUL MACHINE, I FELT IN LOVE WITH IT IMMEDIATELY but when I really looked at it it has an horrible graphic all around the computer I though it was a sticker that I could take it off later, but WRONG it was part of the look of the Laptop, many people like me wanted to buy that HP Computer because had amazing features better than any laptop, but everybody was commenting about the look, people were asking the sales people if they had that computer without the "graphic/sticker" the thing is I ended up buying a Gateway, and other people were buying Toshibas, Dells, Vaios, but EVERYBODY liked that HP Laptop, everybody was buying computer that they really didn't like it 100% but looked like a real Laptop (Black plain color) without the ugly design.Bottom line: Car makers, Computer makers, web masters should concentrate in looks. RED color not only looks cheap but so annoying. The actual YouTube looks so elegant, clasic, easy to surf, nice to surf, with soft colors, a nice design for all ages. You can sell rocks as long as the gift box looks amazing. You can sell literally garbage as loong as you describe it in a nice way. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOOKS. This YouTube version WON'T SELL! Not matter how improved it's, it simply looks horrible, no taste at all. You don't have to use the red color in order to match the logo, no no no, the logo looks beautiful by itself.Please make it more elegant, more clasic, with soft colors. About the drop menu, personally I don't like it, and I think many people agree with me, but I understand you have to make space to post ads, so that's fine with me, and I think it's a necesary measure you have to make in order to continue with your free service. Please hire people with a lil taste in colors, design, and elegance.Thank you!

Posted by'Aicha' on Saturday, 12.28.13 @ 09:59am

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